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World War II in Colour (2009) (TV)

This is a streaming TV documentary series on World War II, with, as the title suggested, colorized video and images from WWII. The colorization is not what drew me to this. Instead, I’m watching this just to get an overview of WWII. This thread will be a repository for my notes and thoughts on what I’m learning. As a general point, I’m watching the series through with the present in mind, particularly in Europe. Also, my notes are based on memory, so take them with a grain of salt, as I may not have remembered all the details accurately. Continue reading ‘World War II in Colour (2009) (TV)’

Stranger Things (TV Series)


Stranger Things

I’d recommend this to Mitchell, Grace, and Penny. I’d also recommend this to Chris, Joel and probably Jill as well. Continue reading ‘Stranger Things (TV Series)’

Black Mirror (TV series)

This is a British TV series in the vein of Twilight Zone, except with an emphasis on technology (and sans the paranormal and supernatural), at least based on the first two episodes I’ve seen. I’m going to review each episode in this thread, as well as discuss the series overall.

What is the Role and Value of a Movie Critic?

When we were growing up, movie critics like Siskel and Ebert were valuable in helping us determine which movies we should see. Today, many moviegoers don’t really need critics like them because moviegoers can go to online sites that compile ratings and reviews from people like themselves. If a person wants to find movies she will enjoy, she really doesn’t need a professional critic. If this is true, do professional critics–or, let’s say, people who are good at evaluating films–have value? I believe they do and in this thread, I’ll make my case.* Continue reading ‘What is the Role and Value of a Movie Critic?’

TV Show Thread

Mitchell thought there should be a separate thread for TV shows. I have no objections, so here it is. I’m going to re-post Mitchell’s comments on Veep. Continue reading ‘TV Show Thread’

2015: Favorite Movies, Books, TV Shows, Etc.

What are some of your favorite or most noteworthy movies, books, TV shows, music, etc. that you’ve encountered in 2015. I’ll start off with my favorite films. Continue reading ‘2015: Favorite Movies, Books, TV Shows, Etc.’

Adventures in Prime

Amazon’s Prime membership was never really very tempting for me, because although I spend a lot of money on the website (like, more than anywhere else that doesn’t involve groceries), the free two-day shipping part of the package is not included for Hawaii residents. You get free standard shipping, but since most of my purchases are for e-books, I was pretty sure a hundred bucks a year was more than I was paying for standard shipping.

But then, in celebration of the Amazon original series Transparent winning some Emmys, Amazon had a one-day sale on Prime: $67 for new members. That was too good to pass up.

I’m going to use this space to chronicle my first year in prime, kind of as a way to evaluate, in one year’s time, whether or not I’ll want to renew membershp at regular price.

HBO’s True Detective (Season 1)

I had a good time watching the entire first season of HBO’s True Detective, with Mitchell, Penny, Grace and some other people. Here are some random thoughts about the first season. Continue reading ‘HBO’s True Detective (Season 1)’

Henning Mankell’s Wallander Series (Books and TV)

I just finished reading the second book in Henning Mankell’s Wallender detective series. I thought I’d start a thread with my comments about the specific books as well as the series as a whole. I might add some general observations about Mankell’s writing, and eventually, if I watch one of the series (I believe there are three versions), I’ll try to comment on them as well. Here are some comments of the first book in the series, Faceless Killers*: Continue reading ‘Henning Mankell’s Wallander Series (Books and TV)’

Netflix’s Daredevil TV Series

Netflix will be doing some TV series involving Marvel comic book characters. Daredevil was the first series, and it premiered last Friday, streaming all thirteen episodes. I watched almost all of them over the weekend.

I think there are elements that many people here would like, to the point where I’d say most of you would enjoy this, at least on some level. The series invests time in developing characters and relationships. I enjoyed the relationships of protagonists, and I can see many sharing my feelings, especially Mitchell. I could also see Don liking the relationships between the main characters, and he would like Foggy Nelson character.

The series also tries to deal with serious themes as well, but I’m not completely satisfied with this. (More on this later.) In a way, the series has a similar approach to the Dark Knight films, trying to have a grittier, more realistic approach to comic book superheroes. Some may find Daredevil to be a little too similar to Dark Knight. I can understand this, but I didn’t really feel that way. I had some other problems, which I’ll go into now. Continue reading ‘Netflix’s Daredevil TV Series’

HBO’s Silicon Valley

Last fall, I was in a cafe with time to kill. I’d finished my work, but not my coffee, so I browsed the iTunes store (always a dangerous thing when one is just killing time) and saw in the TV whole-seasons section an eight-episode series called Silicon Valley, which I hadn’t heard of. I did a quick look-up in Wikipedia and decided that the sale price (it was about fifteen bucks) was worth a gamble.

Since then, I’ve watched all eight episodes at least twelve times, so yes: I got my money’s worth. Continue reading ‘HBO’s Silicon Valley