Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Reid, 14. July 2007, 17:44

I was surprised that I found this film not bad. Not a great film, but a little more entertaining than the other films.

I think this film actually had a pretty decent premise, namely a group posing as terrorists (post-911 versus the original Die Hard film) with the aim of stealing money (for the most part). There may have been a scene where McClain realizes figures this out based on his past experience.

One of the things the filmmakers could have done was take out the daughter. I understand the reason she’s in there–the whole father saving his daughter bit can be compelling–but I think it posed problems. For example, how does the terrorist get a hold of the daughter? To me, if they really wanted that sub-plot, they should have a thought of a better way of her capture, perhaps she could have been an intern at the Pentagon, or had a relationship with one of the villians.

The other thing that hurt the fiilm, imo, was the amount of traveling that McClain and Matt (the hacker) go through. A NYC cop driving a key suspect to D.C. seems ridiculous. Wouldn’t someone meet him at the airport or station? The trip to the powerplant, the helicopter (?!) ride to Warlock’s house and then the trip to the special base. That’s just too much traveling, and it takes away from the film. It didn’tt ruin the film, just as the unbelieveable scenes (e.g. the fighter plane), didn’t, but the film could have been better without them.

Finally, I know that the Die Hard films formula is to have this everyday Joe get out of tough situations in clever ways, but I feel like the film could have worked without these situations or at least the film would have been better if the filmmakers didn’t have to try so hard to follow that formula. If they had concentrated on the relationship between McClain and the kid–which was pretty good–and McClain and the villian, I think the film could have been better, without the cleverness.

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