Stardust (2007)

Reid, 3. September 2007, 12:59


The film got a 66 from the metacritic site, so I thought this would be a decent film to try. Plus, I thought Larri would enjoy this based on the snippets of reviews I read. Surprisingly, Larri liked this less than I did (3/10)!
Penny enjoyed the film, but I’m not sure if others would like it. It’s not worth going to unless you desperate to see a film.

The plot of the story is solid if not basic fantasy/fairy tale stuff. A shopboy dreams of winning the hand of the beautiful girl, but must do something heroic (in this case retrieve a fallen star for her) to win her hand. The ending was pretty satisfying in the way that it wrapped everything up (at least as far as a feel-good fairy tale), but the big problem was that the film had no heart. The characters are made of cardboard and the filmmakers do little to bring them to life and interest viewers. In the case of Robert DeNiro, he manages to almost embarass himself with his performance of a gay pirate. (It’s definitely a low-point in his career.)

I really love Claire Danes as actor, too. She has solid acting chops; she’s beautiful, but not in a glamorous movie star way, and she has a winning spirit. But even she can’t make her character shine.

About a third of the way through the film, I started trying to figure out why I was so bored with the film, and I think it has to do with the characters–their backstory and the cliched plot. The filmmakers are not bringing anything fresh to the story here. In a way, this is a type of story that works better by reading it or hearing it; those media enlists the imagination to fill in the blanks. Here the filmmakers have to do that, and they don’t do a good job. That’s my explanation at this point anyway.

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