Across the Universe (2007)

Reid, 22. November 2007, 20:52
Across the Universe (2007)
Dir. Julie Taymor

I think the basic concept of the film would interest many idiots, but, for me, the film was disappointing, which I will go into in a minute. Even though I think some of you would like it a little more than me, I don’t think you would like it so much that would warrant a strong recommendation.

The film is really a kind of long playing music video medley of Beatles tunes. The characters and story are about as well-developed as the ones that appear in narrative based music videos. Besides the music of the Beatles, the film is about the 60s.

My impression of the film based on the trailers was that it would have cool visuals, but the story line would be uninteresting and predictable. It also looked like another in a long line of films on the 60s.

I was right about the story line and the depiction of the 60s. But I was really disappointed by the visuals and overall direction of the film. The film really looked like it could have been made in the 70s; there was nothing really original or fresh about the look or the direction of the film. That’s what struck me most. There are some interesting shots and costumes, but Taymor brings these elements together in a clumsy way. She just doesn’t seem comfortable being a film director.

As for the Beatles interpretation, the performances were solid, but I didn’t arrangements are really conservative (unlike the arrangement in Moulin Rouge). Basically, I thought the creative elements just weren’t very creative.

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