They Drive By Night (1940)

Mitchell, 11. June 2007, 2:29

Dir. Raoul Walsh
Humphrey Bogart, George Raft, Ida Lupino, Ann Sheridan

Great cast, good acting, pretty good story, lame resolution. Bogart and Raft are brothers who drive a big truck, owing money to some guys and owed money by others. They portray this life quite well, I think. Raft is really the star here, and he does a good job. Bogart’s pretty good, too. Lupino (in a real Bette Davis kind of role) is good, but they didn’t beautify her enough, if you ask me. Ann Sheridan is LOVELY. Machine-gun-quick dialogue and a couple of surprisingly good stunts make it an enjoyable 95-minutes, even if the end is kinda overwrought and silly.

I saw this when I was fifteen but didn’t remember a thing about it until I saw it again this morning. I’m glad I gave it another view.

7/10 for the actors more than the acting or story, really.

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