Battlestar Galatica Season 1 (2004)

Chris, 14. January 2006, 15:52

Battlestar Galactica
(new series)

So, are there any idiots out there who have become hooked on this show? It hasn’t showed up on the site at all, but I’ve got to believe someone out there is watching it. I have watched through all of it now and am all caught up. It’s way better-than-average TV, let alone sci-fi. The creators are a little too driven to shock and surprise sometimes (in my opinion) but it moves along well almost all the time and has some actually interesting things going on.


Finally finished the first season of the new Battlestar Galatica series. I would probably give the series a 7/10 although I debated giving it a 6. The creators set up the series with very intriguing possibilities with the story arcs of the characters and the overall series in the first episode (the 3 hour miniseries), but I felt there were some false steps or at least disappointments in the later episodes. The mini-series signaled to me that the series would cover the practical survial challenges faced by a government and the military in a way that allowed for the complexity and tough choices the leaders would face. I also thought James Olmos and Mary McDonnell had the acting chops and charisma to make this really interesting and appealing, too. For the most part, they have done a good job, but the writers disappointed me at times.


For example, I thought Adama lost some of his stature as a serious leader in the episode where he endangers the whole fleet for Starbuck. There’s no way he would do that if he were a serious leader. Yes, his concern and love for Starbuck (in a fatherly way) is touching and appealing, but it broke the sort of seriousness the series started off with, specially in an earlier epsiode the President and Adama leave back ships to be killed by the cylons in order to preserve the human race. Colonel Tygh also allows people to die to save the Galatica. I like the way the writers allowed for this, but then they go for sentimentality in the episode the Starbuck is stranded. There’s other things like that that come up, but it’s till pretty entertaining and relatively ambitious.

I’m also a little disappointed by the other actors like the ones that play Apollo, Starbuck, Baltar and #6 (the latter is annoying). I don’t think they’re very good actors, but some of it could be due to the writers. Still, I’ve gotten used to them enough where I’ve become somewhat attached.

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