Sunless (1983)

Reid, 29. April 2006, 19:02

Dir. Chris Marker

Another film mentioned in the 1001 book, and hailed as a masterpiece of French director, Chris Marker. I really like Marker’s La Jetee, so that description intrigued me. Unfortunately, the film really disappointed me. I should say that I really didn’t understand the film very much, so I hesitate blasting it completely. The 2 does reflect my reaction to the film, however.

Basically the film is a series of photographs and footage of Marker’s travels around the world, coveringparts of Africa and other countries, but mainly focusing on Japan and Japanese people. The film is narrated by a editored who reads quotes from Marker’s letters (not sure if these are actual letters or a device strictly for the film). These quotes are random musings about existence, culture, time and whatever else. The musings are stream of consciousness and very pretentious. It is very similar to other European intellectuals I’ve read or heard like Zizek or Bernard Henri Levy. The writing is not very well-orgarnized and the language is very abstract.

One part of the film–the photography–could have made this film more interesting, but I didn’t find it very interesting. I know Kevin liked this film, so maybe he can shed some light on it for me.

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