X-Men III: The Last Stand (2006)

Reid, 29. May 2006, 16:52


I gave this a 3 ultimately because it’s just not a good film. My enjoyment of it was probably more a 4 or 5, but after thinking about this more I think it deserves a 3. I think many of you would probably give this a 5 or 6.

Perhaps, you’d give it a higher score if you weren’t familar with the original comics.


One of the strengths of the X-Men comics is that they show the way these people are outcasts, but find a home and family with each other; this is especially true with Wolverine. The films do a really bad job of that, partly because they’re introducing new characters and not spending time developing the characters and their relationships. This film is no different. We get new characters in Angel and Colossus. Angel’s character and the sub-plot associated with him is pointless.

One of the worst mistakes is killing off Cyclops and Professor X. Prof. X and Magneto was one of the best parts of the series, and he gets killed off so quickly. When I think about it, the script is really a mess. Part of the reason is that they’re trying to combine different stories into one, and they don’t do a good job of it.

The action scenes weren’t really well-executed either. The scenes with Kitty were actually better than I thought they would be though. Still, even though it wasn’t that bad to watch, the overall film kind of sucks, especially as an adaptation.

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