Dear Diary (1993)

Dir. Nanni Morretti
100 minutes

Perhaps not a great film, but entertaining, and I think Penny, Mitchell, Grace, Kevin and Chris would find it so. Not a bad pick for the book, I guess, but I wouldn’t consider it a must see.

The film is a diary (combining fictional and real life situations) of director, Nanni Moretti. There are basically three segments which aren’t really connected: the first is about different sections in or near Rome that we see by Moretti driving on a scooter; the second is about his attempt to work on various islands off the coast of Italy; the third is about his experiences dealing with doctors. If I had to give a short description of the film, I’d say it was an Italian version of a Woody Allen film, a la Manhattan. The humor is similar and there are similar strategies–e.g. spontaneously starting conversations with random people on the street. Amusing and unique in a way.

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