David Holzman’s Diary (1967)

Dir. Jim McBride

Kinda slow at times, but interesting and I guess worthy of a selection especially if you’re choosing 1001 films. I think Penny, Grace, Mitchell, Kevin and Chris would find something interesting in this, although I don’t think it would be something they loved. I’m not sure about John, Tony and Cindy, but I wouldn’t recommend this to Joel, Don and Jill.

The film is about a man, David Holzman, filming his life to try and better understand it. Not only do we see people important to David, but we get a glimpse of the environment he lives in (NYC). The film really feels like a first draft of Taxi Driver. There is even a scene that is akin to the “You talking to me scene” except David is talking into the camera. Like Travis Bickle, from Taxi Driver, David is unstable (but less so). There’s a sense that part of that comes from the city, although that interpretation may stem from having seen Taxi Driver. The film is different and interesting in the way that it raises questions about truth and the way film reveals or doesn’t reveal that. In that way, the film also is sort of a precursor to reality TV.

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