Tongues Untied (1990)

Dir. Marlon Riggs

Pretty unique and in that way a worthy selection. The people who find that simple description appealing would probably be the ones most likely to appreciate this on some level. I don’t feel strongly that there is anyone that should rush out to see this though.

The film is basically about the difficulties gay black men experience. The film is made up of various black men reciting poetry or telling anecdotes that give the audience a view of the hardships they face. The title refers to the going against the common strategy of keeping silent; silence about how one feels and how one is mistreated is the thing that is most damaging, according to the film.

I didn’t care for the poetry so much, and I didn’t find the stories especially moving. The film is interesting in that it examines a class of people who have two strikes against them: being black and being gay. The individuals in this group face an almost deeper type of prejudice. So why wasn’t I more moved? I’m not sure.

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