The Bank Job (2008)

Dir. Roger Donaldson

This is solid entertainment. Not a great film, but it’s good–nothing that would offend one’s intelligence and the story moves sufficiently. There’s nothing to really rave about, but no major complaints either. I recommended this film to everyone–as long as you don’t interpret that to mean that I think you will love this or that I think this is a great film.

The film is supposedly based on a true story of a bank robbery sponsored by the British MI-5. A black radical possessed compromising pictures of one of the members of the royal family, so he could get away with all kinds of crimes. MI-5 “contracted” common criminals to steal these pictures from a bank safe deposit box. Not better than Italian Job, but if you like heist pictures this is a good pick.

One of the interesting thing about this film is that the plot, characters and action/thriller elements are rather unexceptional; there’s little that we haven’t seen before. There are no really original tough predicaments and clever ways of getting out of them. The protagonists are not super appealing (but they’re likeable). In short, the film is bland in many ways. What’s suprising is that it works to the extent that it does.

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