Speed-Racer (2008)

Dir. Wachowski Brothers

The main reason I wanted to see this is because the Wachowski brothers, filmmakers of Bound (a film that deserves more attention from mainstream audiences) and the Matrix films, made this.

I’m sad to report that I didn’t care for the films. I don’t think many of you would enjoy the film, except for maybe Penny. The film got some attention for being innovative, ostensibly for its use of color and cgi. But films like Dick Tracy, in its use of vibrant, solid colors and shadows to recreate the look of a comic book and Sky Captain, in its extensive use of cgi, seem to have already done some of the things the Wachowski brothers strive for in this film. Even the video game look of the action scenes are not very different from the approach employed in the Matrix films. Still even if the Wachowski used these elements in innovative ways, I didn’t find there wasn’t much story or characters to support.

The film’s racing scenes, where most of the action occurs, was also hard to follow and its similarity to video games sort of made it difficult to successfully thrill this viewer. I felt those scenes had to have some semblance or connection with reality them to work.

Perhaps the best and maybe fairest comment I can make is that the film was not designed for people like me, namely adults. Given the humor, look, action and story line does seem to feel like the Wachowski made this film for ten year old boys. If so, I think they have made a good film. I just didn’t care for it. (That was supposed to be a short review.)

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