Mamma Mia! (2008)

I also saw Mamma Mia! this weekend, and while I do not like to label films this way…this was definitley a chick flick. That is not to say that men will not enjoy this film…just that women are much more likely to enjoy it. I wanted sooooo badly to sing in the theatre and I was tapping my foot to the beat. (I didn’t sing, because I care about my fellow movie-goers.)

Campy, over-the-top and lots of energy and fun—infectious (in the good way). Several times during the film, I thought to myself, “wow, these people have no shame!” Also, “Pierce Brosnon looks fantastic, but his singing leaves a bit to be desired.” I think I need to buy this one on DVD so I can sing and dance in the privacy of my own home, where I won’t bother anyone/end up on You-Tube.

I saw Mamma Mia! Wednesday. Fun movie. Entertaining.

I thought the choreography was kind of awkward and weird, at least for the main characters. The dancing in the choruses (all of them) was terrific, I though. One of my students, when I made this comment, said, “That’s probably because the choruses were made up of real dancers.” Aha. Yes.

Also, I think because Abba’s music is so happy and fun and joyful, it doesn’t lend itself well to conflict or drama, yet because this was a film and needed both, songs had to be pressed into play that didn’t really do the job, such as Meryl Streep’s over-angsty “The Winner Takes it All.” There were some very pretty songs, and I thought Streep was terrific in just about every scene. I wasn’t too impressed with Brosnan as a singer, but his acting was pretty good, especially in the “The Winner Takes it All” scene, when all the attention was on Streep’s character.

I’d see it again. I might even pick it up on DVD if it’s inexpensive enough.

6 out of 10, which is high for a movie musical.

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