Bug (2006)

Dir. William Friedkin
Starring: Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon, Harry Connick Jr., etc.

Penny would probably think this is a OK. Others may enjoy it for Ashley Judd (very good performance). The ending was disappointing, so that’s why it gets a five for me. This is one of those films that don’t last long in the theaters, but gets some good buzz, so I wonder about.

The film is about a lonely waitress living a motel. Her friend at the bar introduces her to a guy, who has some secrets. In the meantime, the waitress ex-boyfriend/husband gets out of jail and comes looking for her.

I am a big fan of Ashley Judd, and basically she’s the main reason to see this film. I find her look and presence really appealing: she’s elegant, strong, intelligent and beautiful. There’s something of the old movie star in her. Somebody get some good roles for this woman.

While the film may not be great, her performance is very good. There’s a lot for her to do on the screen, and I can see why she took this role. I kinda wished the filmmakers made a more straight drama rather than throw in the thriller/suspense angle. The ending was disappointing, too. Even Judd couldn’t overcome the scene where her character “puts all of the pieces together.” The spell was broken at that point, and she lost me; I just couldn’t buy it. Overall her performance was really close to award worthy.

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