Ringu (1998)

Dir. Hideo Nakata

Penny should probably see this if she hasn’t, but not because I think she’ll like it. I almost gave this a 5. I don’t think the other idiots would think much of it. This movie made the 1001 list. You could make a case that it belongs in there for its influence, but not for the quality of the film itself imo.

I believe this is the film that launched the Japanese horror genre in the late 90s and maybe even kick-started the horror genre in general. The film starts with a pretty good concept: after watching a particular video tape, you get a call and then die seven days later. The film follows a reporter and her ex-husband (both of whom have seen the tape) trying to solve the mystery and save their lives.

I gotta say that the film was more mystery (as in the protagonists trying to figure out a puzzle) and suspense more than horror. The film wasn’t that scary at all, and I would be surprised if this frightened the fans of the genre. First of all, there’s no “jump out of your seats” scenes, not that that is a bad thing. But the director didn’t really use music, cinematography to create a scary mood either. Having said that, I was curious about the way the film would end and seeing the mystery of the video solved and, for that, I gave it a six. But overall, I didn’t think it was that great of a movie.

There is one slight “mystery” I had about the film and that is the title. My best guess of the meaning is that the “solution” to the video requires a cycle of passing on the video, hence ring.

I’ve seen “Ringu” as well as it’s American spawn “The Ring.” Didn’t see “The Ring 2,” though. I liked the original Japanese version better, but they were both average films. I think “The Ring” was actually a novel first and I read another story by that author and liked the book.

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