The Bronx is Burning (2007)


This is the ESPN mini-series on the 1977 New York Yankees season as well as some of the things that were going on in NYC at the time (the Son of Sam murders). I guess the series was OK, but disappointing in that I wished the series revealed more about the main characters–Billy Martin, the Yankee’s manager; George Steinbrenner, the Yankee’s owner; and Reggie Jackson, the homerun hitting Yankee right fielder–and their relationship with each other. The sense of disappointment was keener after watching the interviews with the real people portrayed in the film (including Billy Martin’s son and John Turturro, who played Martin in the series). For example, both Steinbrenner and Martin’s son mentioned that Martin and Steinbrenner were friends, albeit a rocky relationship. But from the series, I never got the sense that they were friends at all.

The struggle, very much like a soap opera, between Steinbrenner, Martin and Jackson made the series interesting to watch, so on that level, the mini-series was interesting. I just wished they dugged deeper into these very interesting characters. The series probably needed to be longer, or the story would have worked better as a book.

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