Traitor (2008)

Dir. Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Starring: Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, etc.

Not a great film, but I think I could recommend this to most every idiot here. This would definitely satisfy you if you’re just looking for something to see at the theaters.

The comments that drew my attention to the film dealt with this film becoming popular with a wider audience because of complex characters and the way the film exists in gray areas of moral issues. That remark is justified. The film is about a ex-U.S. military man, Samir Horn (Cheadle) who is working with a Muslim terrorist organization. Horn’s Sudanese father died in a car bomb and later raised by his mother in the U.S. Horn’s father raised him to be a devout Muslim, and Horn joins up with a Muslim extremists after working with some of them in Afghanistan in the 80s. FBI agent Clayton (Pearce) is trying to catch Horn.


The Kingdom, a film about an FBI forensics team that goes to Saudi Arabia to solve a crime, was a bad movie, but there was one redeeming feature about it: it brought a sympathetic Muslim character to an audience that might have a negative view of all Muslims. The film might have been one of the few things that caused some to re-think their view of Muslims. Traitor does a similar thing, although the movie is a better and more complex. The audience sees that Horn actually fights against the terrorists because of his Islamic faith.
Before the final act of the film, I knew my ultimate judgment of the film rode on the resolution of the final act. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people could figure out the ending, but I didn’t. I thought that Horn somehow did something to the explosives to make them defective. Larri whispered that the terrorists would be on the same bus, but I thought she meant a few of them, not all. I thought it was pretty cool that Horn put them all on one bus. (I’m not sure how he got all of their identities; the bus driver was also an innocent victim.)

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