Ghost Town (2008)

Ghost Town was a bit more layered than it appeared from its trailers. I enjoyed this film a lot and not just because I love Greg Kinnear and think Ricky Gervais is hillarious (though they were both great in the film, along with a pretty and refreshed looking Tea Leoni). Some parts were silly and over the top, but there were a few scenes that I was laughing so hard I missed part of the dialog in the next scene. Have I mentioned how hillarious Ricky Gervais is?

Anyway, Kinnear shows his ability to be smarmy and touching, which makes the over-the-top parts easier to take (the over-the-top parts seem to belong to Billy Campbell). There is an interesting realization towards the end of the movie and while some may criticize that the “change” in Gervais’ character may have been dealt with better, I still believed it.


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  1. Reid


    I like Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais, and they both had their moments, but I think the non-comedic moments–Gervais’ character’s transformation and his relationship with Tea Leoni’s character–just didn’t work for me. Leoni did look really good in this, but that was the problem: I just couldn’t believe she would fall for Gervais, especially since he was such jerk in the beginning. I thought they should have cast someone else. Leoni’s looks wasn’t the only reason she was miscast, but she didn’t have good chemistry with Gervais, at least imo.

    The filmmakers also didn’t seem to have a good grasp of Gervais’ character. He was supposed to have some likable qualities, but I don’t think they showed this really well, nor did they really show why he was such a jerk. (Yes, they gave an explanation, but Gervais’ acting didn’t support that explanation very well.)

    Larri liked this, and I think Jill would probably like this, at least a little. Joel might like some of this, but I wouldn’t think of recommending this to him. The other idiots might find this mildly entertaining, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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