Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Dir. Wes Craven

Even Penny wouldn’t really care for this, so there’s little chance the rest of the idiots would like this. Perhaps the film is objectively more like a 3, but my own personal reaction is closer to a 2.

A family traveling to California gets stranded in the desert. A mutated family (nuclear testing) attacks them. That’s basically it. It’s not scary, doesn’t hold up well in my opinion.

In the 1001 review, there was one interesting line in it: the family of mutants represents disenfrachized groups in the countrys (e.g. minorities)–suggesting a tension between white middle class on other opressed groups? That’s interesting, but I don’t think the film has any interesting insights to offer regarding that relationships. My take is that it’s basically a horror film–one that is totally not frightening in the slightest. I just need to mention two reasons which should convince anyone: the mutant families dialogue and costumes. Think hillbillies in caveman outfits–with cheap make-up and cheesy acting to boot. I think it’s clear that there’s little chance the film would scare anyone today. The names of the family, the Roman gods, didn’t help. The father was, of course, Jupiter, except the other members referred to him as “Papa Jupe” to give it that extra scary hillbilly flavor.

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