Divine Weapon (2008)

Went to HIFF’s opening night last night to see Divine Weapon, a Korean film about the first weapon of mass destruction (rockets and hundreds of arrows fired at the same time) apparently made in Korea (and not China). It was great (despite the hordes of people killed)! The characters were engaging and interesting, and the two leads had that Sam and Diane vibe between them. Throw in some good fight scenes and comical secondary characters all in the backdrop of a battle between the resourceful and plucky little guy against the domineering, arrogant big guy and you’ve got yourself a great movie.

Definitely recommended, even for those who are not “into” foreign films.

Also saw Fireproof the Christian film with Kirk Cameron playing a firefighter who is contemplating divorce with his wife of 7 years. His parents and a fellow firefighter are the Christian examples in his life.

A bit heavy handed and melodramatic at times, there were moments of authenticity (I did cry). It was kind of like a hometown movie with great production value. Cameron is clearly the best actor and the others try to hold their own, some more successfully than others (some sounded like they were reciting memorized lines at a lecturn). The other firefighters served as comic relief as well as to expound on the themes of “not leaving your partner behind” and “needing to trust and honor each other.”

Is there a city of Albany in the South? They worked at the Albany Fire Station but everyone’s accent, except for Cameron, were various degrees of Southern.

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