The Namesake (2007)

The Namesake (2007). Kal Penn. Directed by Mira Nair.

I thought this was quite a bit different from the usual Asian-American cultural identity thing, but I can see Reid disagreeing. What I like about this was how genuinely annoyed the main character is with his parents and yet how genuinely affectionate he is toward them. There’s some good acting here, and some nice visuals. I say it’s worth a rental, especially if you like those films that annoy Reid, like The Joy Luck Club and The Debut.

The Namesake (2007) based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri
(7/10) i read an excerpt from the book prior to seeing the dvd – think i’d like it better than i liked the movie – does a better job at explaining a lot of the little details.
i like getting an insight into different cultures – and enjoyed the beautiful scenes and music of india (love their textiles). there’s quite a bit that got me thinking about my own ethnic identity. i do think about marrying okinawan a lot – or at least someone who is uchinanchu-at-heart and wouldn’t mind getting integrated into the okinawan community here. if i had kids, they’d be taking koto, sanshin, dance, or taiko very early on…
It was interesting to see Gogol’s relationship with Maxine, and later Moushumi. I was a little unsettled at how Gogol just dropped Maxine, playing the ethnic card. He seemed to fit so well in her world but he shut her out of his, assuming she wouldn’t understand or ever be able to fit in. Moushumi is on the rebound when she gets involved with Gogol – and their shared ethnic identity plays a part in their decision to get married. She realizes later that this doesn’t mean marital bliss & her intentions of being a good Bengali wife are outweighed by her feelings for her French ex-boyfriend. food for thought there…

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