No Reservations (2007)

No Reservations
Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart with Abigail Breslin

There’s a lot to recommend this film, not the least of which is the on-screen charisma of the principals. Eckhart here plays the nice guy, not at all the slimy guy he does so well in other flicks. It’s Zeta Jones who is meant to come off as tyrannical, but she doesn’t really push it that far, and that’s okay with me. Scenes with Eckhart and Breslin are probably the best, ‘though Breslin’s presence in this film is mostly a device for getting Zeta Jones and Eckhart together. The film doesn’t do enough with what the sudden appearance of Breslin does to Zeta Jones, outside of being a major adjustment in logistics. There’s also a disappearing child sequence that I found cheap and excessively cliche.

However, you could do a lot worse on a movie night when you need something to curl up with. I wouldn’t tell anyone to stay away from it, but one should be in the right frame of mind when one approaches it. I’m fond of romantic comedies, so I’ll give it a cautious recommendation.

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