Enchanted (2007)

107 minutes, Disney
V. once mentioned that this is one of her co-workers all-time favorite movies, so we decided to watch it this weekend for emi’s movie night at the mochi house. emi (will be 7 this month) loves princesses, but wasn’t really into this story – any scene that had any potential of being romantic sent her into distraction mode, completely ignoring the screen.
i thought Enchanted was very predictable, and very Disney. i found prince charming very irritating, and initially could not believe that Nancy would have anything to do with him. morgan was the highlight of the film for me – she’s such a cutie and the shopping scene was both funny and touching. there were funny parts and i liked the mix of animation and live-action. i dunno, i guess i’m too jaded to get caught up in the fairytale fantasy with it’s happily-ever-afters…

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