The Official Story (1985)

Dir. Luis Puenzo

I’m pretty sure Penny and Grace would like this. Chris and Kevin would probably like this at least a little. The other idiots would be at least slightly interested in this on some level. I don’t think I would have chosen it for the 1001 book.

This is a story about that takes place in Argentina (in the 70s). From what I understand, there was a government overthrow and those in power began arresting and killing political dissidents. Families began protesting and insisting they hear from their loved ones. Part of the tragedy is that some of the babies of these dissidents were “given” to Argentina’s who were willing to not question the way they adopted these babies. The film covers the story of one ladies political awakening revolving around her daughter. The film has some decent acting and would be a higher quality version of a Lifetime network movie.

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