Taste of the Bayou

Penny wrote:

Mitchell has pics, so hopefully he will post those as well as add his comments (Renee, too!) for A Taste of the Bayou.

Food: Very good. I was happy with everything I tried.
Warm corn muffins come first and are light, but have that nice “tooth” to it because of the grind of the cornmeal.
They offer a “trio” of gumbo (hearty soup made thick with file), red beans and rice (with smoky tasso ham), and jambalaya (with andouille sausage and probably more of the ham). *sigh* Awesome.
Also tried the chicken etoufee on rice which came with corn maque choux, this sweet corn side that is rich and savory with cream and onion and other yummy stuff. (Pause to wipe drool).
Shrimp Po’ Boy is dressed with a spicy mayo, lettuce and tomato. The shrimp are fried in a cornmeal batter that keeps the juices in.
Also had to try the hush puppies, which are andagi-shaped and a sweet/savory combo. Loved them. Not too greasy, I could have eaten an order by myself.
The one thing that was a tad disappointing was the desserts. We tried the bread pudding which had banana in it (yuk) and the pecan pie, which was good, but not outstanding. Also, I kept tasting banana and while I thought I was going crazy, I finally figured out that the whipped cream on the pecan pie had banana flavoring! (yuk!) I would have been happy with more corn muffins. I would have paid for those corn muffins! (NOTE: A friend said the sweet potato pie was awesome, so I’ll try that next time. Also, the breadpudding she got did not have bananas in it).

Service: I think they’re trying to find their groove. The wait staff were kind of slow and when we first got there, someone (not our waitress) offered to get our drink orders because (and I quote), “I don’t think your waitress wants to do it.” Okaaaayyyy. When our actual waitress did come by to take our orders, she was nice. If she didn’t want to serve us (for whatever reason), it didn’t show. She also kept my diet coke flowing (so she got a good tip).

Ambiance: There’s a mural on the walls that include pelicans (Louisiana’s state bird) and other local flora and fauna. Only one thing was kind of weird…I think the alligator is going to eat the racoon and it’s kind of disturbing to see that while one is eating. Yes, I’m definitely a supermarket carnivore. You mean cows don’t come wrapped in plastic?
Also, the place is a tad squishy as they try to fit the most number of chairs and tables possible in a relatively small space.

Overall: I will definitely be returning to try more dishes. There was no crawfish on the menu. I would love me an authentic crawdad boil! (pause to wipe more drool).

Note: Currently they’re open Wednesday through Sunday.

2 Responses to “Taste of the Bayou”

  1. pen

    They’re now open for lunch and have a special lunch take-out menu.

    They also have added crawfish etoufee to their menu. Delicious, but rather heavy with the file, so you have to like that taste. It’s the first time I’ve had crawdads since I left New Orleans! *sigh* It was great for the nostalgic element alone.

    They have also added an alligator appetizer that I was too chicken to try. Ba-gak!

    Hush puppies are wonderful. Not oily, but crispy on the outside and savory sweet on the inside. Yum!!!

  2. Reid

    I love crawfish. To me, it’s a cross between shrimp and lobster. If you had a fried crawfish shack in Hawai’i, it would kill.

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