Dorraku (Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center)

I probably shouldn’t write a review as I couldn’t try many of the dishes due to a gout flare up. This is a sushi/Japanese restaurant, with inclusion of Latin elements (chimchurri steak). We mostly ordered sushi and small plate dishes. I can’t remember all the dishes we got, but I do remember the presentation impressed me (partly because I wasn’t expecting it or expecting to care). I liked the seared ahi salad, which was basically a sashimi over some lettuce. I liked the dressing, which I believe had a mustard base. Seared ahi dishes are sort of bland for me, but this was one of the better dishes.

I also liked the cuban steak rolls which was a sushi with steak in chimchurri sauce rolled in rice. (I can’t remember the other ingredients.) There was also a fish dish, I think sea bass, that was good, too. I believe the rolls were around $10-$15. It’s kind of a izakaya style place, so it’s suited for people who like to drink, and the atmosphere was quite nice, although you could dress pretty casually.

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