Caliente del Sol

Caliente del Sol (Safeway strip mall on Kapahulu)

I should have wrote about this place first as I think other idiots would like it. This is Mexican version of Burgers on the Edge (same owners, I think): you can choose several different proteins, different sauces or cheeses in several different dishes (taco, burrito, quesadilla, enchilada). For the protein, you have an option of grilled rib-eye, chicken, fish and smoked pork. The enchiladas came with four different sauces. Instead of selecting sauces, you choose different cheeses (I think) for the quesadillas.

We got three things: a cobb salad with smoked pork (shredded), a taco with rib-eye in chipotle, and an enchilada with mahi in a lobster sauce. The salad, on the initial bites was good. First, the portion size was good. It looked well-prepared and I liked the avocados and shredded pork and the crunch of shredded cabbage. But there was a little too much cabbage and the overall flavor got tiresome afterawhile. Still, it was a good size and pretty good tasting salad.

The enchilada was OK, although the lobster sauce was a little too rich for me. We didnt’ finish it.

The taco with the steak was probably the best I’ve had (of the steak taco variety). I liked it with the chipotle, too. It cost a little over $3, and the price was just about right. I’d go back for this again, and this is something I think others would like.

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  1. Reid

    Here’s a picture of the Mexican cobb salad that we got:

    Here’s an interior shot:

    Here is a shot of the mahi enchilada with lobster sauce (on the left) and the rib-eye with chipotle taco (on the right):

    Here are the variety of salsas they offer:

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