Royal Palace

Royal Palace (Stadium Mall, next to Ice Palace)

A college classmate of mine took me here once, and I remember liking it, so Larri and I gave this a shot this past weekend. We were surprised to discover a lunch buffet for about $10, so we went with that. We came about 1:00 (the buffet closes at 2:00), and there were two huge parties going on, so many of the serving bins were almost empty, the food kinda cold. Despite this, the food was not bad. Here are some of the items I recall: roast pork with tofu; salt and pepper shrimp; egg rolls; Chinese chicken salad; choi sum; roast chicken (good); green beans and chicken; Singapore rice noodles (decent); chow fun; sweet and sour pork; and some other things I can’t recall. According to one of the newspaper clippings on the wall, this is Hong Kong cuisine, and they are known for their char siu and roast pork (which the owner recommends getting between 5:00-6:00, if I recall correctly, because that’s when it’s usually freshly prepared). It’s a solid Chinese restaurant, probably one of the better ones for people living on the Leeward side.

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