Dick (the movie)

OK, Mitchell, based on your recommendation, I finally watched this film. Now, why’d you want me to watch this?

3 Responses to “Dick (the movie)”

  1. Mitchell

    I never said I wanted you to watch it. I said it was a movie I thought you and Larrilynn could watch together and both be entertained by. I said that it was rather clever and well-made, despite its preposterous premise.

    I said _I_ liked it.

  2. Reid

    I thought you urged me to watch it with *Election*. I rented both, but I wasn’t able to watch *Dick*, and you seemed disappointed.

    Critics seemed to like the film. I couldn’t get into it.

  3. Mitchell

    Yeah, I thought the two movies worked well together. I found it quite entertaining–the two girls were really charming in an Alicia-Silverstone kinda way; I liked Dan Hedaya as the president.

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