Saw V (2008)

Burgess said

I watched Saw V last night, and I confess that I am a huge fan of the Saw series. I like the little twists and turns as well as the big twists and turns, the unexpected conclusions. Saws II – IV fill in the gaps of Jigsaw and his accomplices, and Saw V begins where IV leaves off. Much of Saw V, again fills in the gaps, and advances the story a little.

Overall, I liked the movie, and if there is a Saw VI, I’ll probably see it. The ending of Saw V was kind of predictable–I knew early on where the story was headed. There was no big plot twist I had come to expect from the first four movies. Also, the storyline of the “test subjects” of saw V seemed relatively unconnected to the Saw story, except for their need, in Jigsaw’s mind, for redemption, though the traps in Saw V were as good as the traps in other movies.

Is this a movie you should see? If you like the Saw series, by all means, go see Saw V, understanding that their might be a bit of a let down.

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