Cadillac Records (2008)


I think the majority of you would give this higher than a three, but I don’t think you would really like it. At best I think most people will say it’s OK. I wouldn’t recommend it. Definitely a film you can wait for video. (Larri just thought it was alright.)

The film chronicles the history of Chess Records, which recorded many blues and rock n’ roll musicians from the 50s-60s, musicians like Muddy Waters, Etta James, Chuck Berry, Howlin Wolf, among others. In that way, the film is like a biopic. From what I’m told the actors do all of their own singing, which was pretty good. (Beyonce was turned in the best performances.)

There were several problems with the film. For the most part, the stories of the record company and the musicians were pretty boring. I mean, if you’ve watched a lot of those VH1 musician profiles or musical biopics, there won’t be anything new. The performances and music wasn’t good enough to carry this film either. Finally, there was a lot in the film that wasn’t true. The most glaring being the omission of Leonard Chess’ brother, who helped found the record company. (I have no idea why he’s completely cut out of the film.) The story of Chess Records, the music and musicians would have been better covered in a documentary–then you could play the original music, too.

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