Thirteen Days (2000)

Thirteen Days (7 out of 10) was a lot better. This is the film about the Cuban Missile Crisis.


I’d like to know what was made up and what was factual in the film. It’s pretty scary stuff. (While watching the film, I kept thinking about Robert McNamara’s exclamation about the incident: “We were lucky!”) Of course, I thought about our current situations in Iraq and Al Qaeda.

One of the biggest problems in the crisis was that we never really talked much with the Russians and vice-versa. That was the craziest part. Without talking directly to people, creating the most terrible–and often false–impressions of the other side is easy to do. We made the same mistake when we went to Vietnam later (which the film forseshadows).

This made me think of Osama bin Laden and other Muslims that are out to attack us. I think it’s critical that we–our leaders as well as the general public– have an accurate picture of who they are and what they want.

The guy who played Bobby Kennedy did a really good job.

I thought 13 days was pretty good too — I’m so drawn to Bobby Kennedy. It is SO SAD that he was killed also. I just tears me up.

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