Equilibrium (2002)

dir. Kurt Wimmer
Starring: Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, Sean Bean and Emily Watson

This is the sci-fi film that looks like a Matrix rip-off (costuming and some other things which I won’t reveal). I think some people may like it just a little more than I did, but not much.

(Plot details and some small spoilers)

Don’t let the big names in the film fool you. This is one of those films that they made to put some money in their pockets. That’s it.

The film combines the plot elements of Logan’s Run and THX 1138. In the future, emotions are outlawed because it is the source of all wars. (I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but no matter.) So the state (set up to resemble the nazis) requires everyone to take a drug that suppresses their emotions. All art and anything that arouses the senses are banned. To enforce this ban, a special force is set up to hunt down and kill people who break these laws.

These special forces are run by “clerics” who are specially trained in the fighting art of (don’t laugh) “gun kata.” Gun kata, as the name suggests is a martial arts style using guns. Masters of gun kata know use angles and body positions to maximize killing. A part of me thinks that the idea is not so silly, but I can’t help snickering a bit when I hear the term “gun-kata.” (Doesn’t it make you snicker?)

These clerics also know how to use samurai swords and there are a couple of scenes with those. I didn’t care for these action scenes very much, but the fact that I didn’t really care for the characters at all, didn’t help matters.

One other thing. In a way the film had a low budget look. You could tell by a lot of the different settings that shot the film (i.e. buildings that looked the same). I think this took away from the film.

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