Le Bistro

le bistro

I don’t think there are any reviews of Le Bistro here, which surprises me. This may be one of my favorite restaurants (although it is a bit pricey). The food here is basically upscale comfort food, nothing really hyper-creative or original, just feel good food done well. There are some items you can get under $20 but I would say most entres are above $25 and can get close to $40.(I apologize in advance for some of these poor quality pictures.)

Here’s the mussels and clams appetizer we ordered. I can’t remember the sauce, but I thought it was OK. Other people seemed to really like this.

crab claws
Here are the crab claws

pear walnut salad
Larri got the salad with pear walnut salad. At first I didn’t care for the citrus dressing, which was a bit watery, but then I got into it.

sausage pasta
The sausage pasta is what Larri ordered. She thought it was OK.

beef quartet
The beef quartet (I think it was $38, although I could have sworn the waiter said $32) was the dish I got. In the upper right corner is the kobe beef slider with foie gras. It was good, but nothing exceptional. In the upper left corner is the filet mignon. Again, OK, nothing great. The bottom right corner is the rib-eye. Again, OK. Finally, in the bottom left corner is the short rib. This was really tasty. It’s made in a shoyu based bbq sauce with mashed potatoes and sour cream. I think they serve this separately at around $17. I don’t know why more places some type of short-rib dish. Perhaps, it’s a poor man’s meat, but it’s tender, flavorful and with a good gravy, hard to mess up. I know my review doesn’t reflect it, but I was happy I got the dish. Nothing stood out, but it was good enough, and I loved the fact that I got to sample the various dishes. I also had a nice glass of red wine with the dish.

bbq lamb
The bbq lamb is what Penny ordered. She and others who tried it really loved it. It was a teri/shoyu based bbq sauce. I thought it was OK.

chicken muhroom
The chicken mushroom and bacon dish is what Grace got, and she really liked it.

blackberry lemon marscapone tart
Larri got this, a blackberry lemon marscapone tart. The crust was nice and flakey, and the tart was better than I expected.

macadamia nut tart
Here’s the macadamia nut tart a la mode. Good.

pear sundae
Pear sundae.

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