America: The Book

I picked this up over the weekend with a friend. We skimmed through parts of it and this thing is hilarious. I’d read a lot of buzz about it and was looking forward to checking it out, but I didn’t expect to be able to do so at leisure.

Unfortunately, the book is not in my possession right now – I didn’t get first dibs – but from what I remember it’s a relentless mix of history, pop culture and satire.

I’m not politically or historically savvy, so I’m curious to hear the thoughts of others who are knowledgable in these areas think of the book. Has anyone checked it out yet?

2 Responses to “America: The Book”

  1. Reid

    I have not, Jenn. But if you read it and give it a ringing endorsement, maybe I will.

  2. kevin

    I got to browse a bit of it at B&N. It’s pretty funny. I think it appeals to the liberal type of humor that is irony and critical satire (example: on fake timeline chart, “May 3, 500 B.C. – Rome was built.”) I would heartily endorse it as a partial relief from all the political horse race antics.

    Their chart of the different types of goverment, with identifying characteristics, published in the New Yorker a month ago, was laugh-out-loud-on the-subway funny.

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