Top 5: Clint Eastwood Movies!

  1. The Bridges of Madison County

    I just love how well-done this movie is. I love that Eastwood lets Meryl Streep do most of the real acting; I love the quietness of this movie. I love that last scene, Meryl in the truck and Eastwood out in the rain.

  2. Hang ‘Em High

    It was my first Eastwood western, and still the one I like best. Actually, I might like Pale Rider better, but it’s clearly not a better film.

  3. Magnum Force

    The best of the Dirty Harry movies.

  4. Dirty Harry

    What a great character.

  5. Sudden Impact

    It surprises me that three of the top five are Dirty Harry films. I’d have expected more westerns.

Nearly made the list: High Plains Drifter, In the Line of Fire, Pale Rider, The Dead Pool, and The Enforcer, which I know I’ve seen but which I can’t remember a thing about!

9 Responses to “Top 5: Clint Eastwood Movies!”

  1. Reid

    I totally agree with you about *Bridges*, Mitchell. That scene in the truck was killer. Surprisingly, Larri liked this film, too.

    But I’d probably choose *Mystic River* above “Bridges”, although it’s pretty close. Ask me tomorrow, and my opinion may change. You also forgot to mention, *Play Misty For Me*, *A Perfect World* (a film I need to watch again), and *Unforgiven* (critics loved this, but I thought it wasn’t so good; I should watch this again, too). I think we’re missing a lot of his films.

    You don’t remember *The Enforcer* or all the movies you listed? *The Enforcer* is the one where Tyne Daly is his partner, and the final battle takes place at Alcatraz. As for the best film with *Dirty Harry*, I’m not sure. Did we get them all? Wasn’t there a Dirty Harry film after *The Dead Pool*?

  2. Mitchell

    I remember the other movies I listed, but just not the enforcer. And I didn’t count mystic river because I meant my list to be a list of movies Eastwood is in. I haven’t seen Play Misty, Unforgiven, or Perfect World.

    And I consulted the IMDB before making my list, so I don’t think I missed anything I’ve seen.

  3. Reid

    Oh, I assumed you meant films he directed. What about *The Gauntlet*, *Firefox*,…well, I guess those wouldn’t crack your top five. I liked *The Gauntlet* a lot as a kid. I used to like the two: “Any Which Way” movies, too. I would think *In the Line of Fire* would make it in there. Oh, what about *Thunderbolt and Lightfoot*? I really liked that one. (I know you said you checked the imdb, but I gotta believe you saw these.)

  4. Mitchell

    I saw the “any which way” movies and found them boring. I know I saw Thunderbolt but I don’t remember it very well. Besides, there’s no way either of those films is better than number five on my list, Sudden Impact.

    Firefox was boring. I liked City Heat, but that’s not a very good movie either. I also liked Heartbreak Ridge, but also not a very good movie.

  5. Reid

    I don’t know Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was pretty good. I believe it was Jeff Bridges first movie, and he received an academy award.

    You were bored by the “Any Which Way” movies? I really like them when I was younger.

  6. pen

    I think the only Eastwood movies I’ve seen are In the Line of Fire, Absolute Power (?) and the one that he’s a washed-up journalist who tried to get a reprive for a death row inmate.

    I heard that in one (or more?) of his movies there is a rape scene, where Clint’s character is the perpetrator. I hope that’s not on your top 5.

  7. Mitchell

    The rape one is either High Plains Drifter or The Outlaw Josie Wales. It’s a very good movie otherwise, but yeah–he rapes two women and that definitely changes the movie for me.

    Definitely a movie I should have seen only once, whichever it is, because when I was a kid, I didn’t understand that someone was raped, and therefore liked the movie much better. 🙁

  8. Reid

    I think there’s a rape scene in Two Mules For Sister Sarah, although I can’t remember if Eastwood’s character is involved with that.

  9. pen

    Were those rape scenes relevant?

    What is the name of the movie in which Clint is a journalist trying to get a wrongly convicted inmate off death row?

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