Revolutionary Road (2008)

I saw Revolutionary Road with Christi this weekend and didn’t like it very much. The performances have been praised by several critics but seemed pretty shrill to me and I simply didn’t connect with the movie. It could be that I have a basic disagreement with at least part of the message behind the film. I guess the real question in my mind was why DiCaprio and Winslet chose this movie to follow up Titanic.

In any event, if someone saw this movie and liked it, I’d be curious why. I may check some of the reviews to see what the bigwigs thought. But I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

I had no desire to this see this film, and your post doesn’t help. I have zero interest in seeing a film that is mainly about the ennui, conformity and the way middle class couples feel trapped by suburbia. And based on the previews, this is basically what the film seemed to be about.

I think Reid captures issues involved in *Revoluionary Road* but I would say the heart of the movie is about how these issues plus unhappiness are dealt with. And to risk a spoiler, the message here is not very encouraging. Beyond that, I wasn’t sure what to think as I left the theatre since the actions portrayed in the movie were not ones that I agreed with. I mentioned earlier about how I thought *Benjamin Button* lacked dramatic tension. *Road* has tension which is poorly (imo) resolved.

Roger Ebert and Peter Travers both loved the flick and they both used the word “devastating” in their reviews. Fair enough.

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