Candyman (1992)

Dir. Bernard Rose
Starring: Virginia Madsen, etc.

The only person that I would consider recommending this to is Penny, and I wouldn’t recommend this to her. Bad choice for the 1001 films book. It does not hold up well.

Two graduate students Helen (Madsen) and Bernadette (Kasi Lemmons) are doing research on urban legends, when they stumble upon a series of murders in the Cabrini-Green Housing projects in Chicago, where residents are attributing the murders to a mythic figure known as the Candyman. The Candyman is summoned when people look into the mirror and say, “Candyman” five times (sort of like the “Bloody Mary” myth that a lot of us grew up with). As expected the myth turns out to be true, and the Candyman goes after Helen. This is a horror film that was not scary in the slightest. I’m going into reasons in the next section.

After watching this film the first question that popped into my head was is this a 2 or 3? I was sure that this was a bad film, but was it a really bad film? I really didn’t like and the score of 2 would reflect my personal enjoyment of the film. Is there objective reasons I could give this film a better score? I’m having a hard time thinking of any. I can think of reasons this film didn’t work.

The biggest reason is the villian, the Candyman (Tony Todd), who was not scary in the slightest. He had that deep “scary” voice that appears in the opening part of the film and it sounds silly, like someone telling a campfire ghost story and doing a voice of the boogey man. His weapon–a hook shoved into the stump of his arm–was also not particularly scary.
Basically, the film is a classic story of spooky ghost story that turns out to be true. In this day and age, I think it is very difficult for that type of story to work.

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