Six Feet Under (TV series)

Six Feet Under the first season

Well, we finished the first season, and the episodes towards the ending got a little more interesting.

I hope other people can watch the first season. Maybe we can watch the second season to watch together.

I especially like the growth of most of the characters:

David–I like his struggle with being true to himself. I especially liked the scene where David prays to God for help.

Ruth Fisher–I found her annoying in the beginning but I’m liking her more and more. I like seeing her become a open up to her emotions and become a more independent person.

Claire–I like seeing her go through the struggles of being a teen. I think her acting is very good, too. Eric Balfour, who plays Gabriel, has also impressed me with his acting.

I also like the acting of the actor playing Brenda, too. She’s an interesting one.

Some other comments:

I really like the opening sequence in the series. I love the music and the visuals. It’s one of the best openings to a program that I have ever seen. Mitchell, knowing how much you like Alan Balls’ films, I think you would like this series.

I have a hard time watching the homosexual scenes. Actually, some of the sexually explicit scenes feel gratuitous.

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