Coraline (2009)

Dir. Henry Selick

Grace will see this almost no matter what I say, but I think she would probably like it. I think Mitchell would have the best chance of liking it next, but, if I had to guess, I wouldn’t predict that he would love this. Other idiots may like it, too, but I wouldn’t say it’s something you shouldn’t miss. Penny saw it and had a lukewarm reaction, which was similar to mine own. We saw the 3D version at Dole.

The film is about a girl Coraline, who has moved into a new house. She quickly learns of parallel world complete with other versions of people she knows in her world. The main difference is that this other world has almost everything Coraline could ever want. Of course, there’s a catch.

I’ve never been impressed with the use of 3D in film (except for maybe Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker,” which is technically not a film), but I was intrigued by Leonard Maltin’s comment that this was the best use of 3D he had ever seen (or something to that effect). Maybe this time 3D would be really cool. The verdict? It was basically the same as any other 3D film I’ve seen. The 3D did add depth to the film, but I feel like if I saw the film without 3D little would have been lost.

The film also got attention for its stop-motion animation. Again, I was pretty underwhelmed, perhaps because of the hype. It didn’t seem that much better than other stop-motion animation I’ve seen.

That leaves the story. The story is entertaining, if not predictable and pretty generic. There’s nothing really new or interesting, and I don’t think the characters or anything elevate this film very much. This is a decent bit of entertainment, but nothing really special. I think the hype took away from the film. Oh, the film also may not be appropriate for younger aged children as some of the scenes may be a bit scary for them.

Glad to hear the 3-D in Coraline added “depth.” Heh. I wanted to see “My Bloody Valentine 3-D,” but it left the theatres already (junk!) I think that would have been good use of 3-D. “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was decent 3-D, while “Bolt 3-D” was worthless.

I can’t say much about Coraline, as I kept falling asleep. It was kind of slow in the beginning, but I had also had little sleep the night before and had just come from spending the day at the beach in the sun (which always drains my energy).

Re: Coraline

If Penny had not been so tired, I’m pretty sure she would have found at least mildly entertaining. I don’t think that readers should take Penny’s falling asleep as a sign that the film was boring. It was a little slow in the beginning, but not so slow as to warrant falling asleep. Also, the film does get more exciting later. It’s pretty fun, although, most will have seen a version of the story done before. I also think the amount of hype took away from the film experience.

2 Responses to “Coraline (2009)”

  1. pen

    Thanks to Netflix, I actually saw the entire movie. My first reaction was, “geez, I slept through more of it than I originally thought!” It was entertaining and the button people were kind of scary with their vacant stares and desperation. Kudos for being a bit more than “the grass is greener on the other side” type of movie. Voices were okay, too. I am not sure why the over all effect wasn’t better…more impressive. Perhaps it is the too-convenient way Coraline completes her challenge.

  2. Mitchell

    That’s exactly what I thought. The challenges were completed much too easily. There was no real suspense or thrill.

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