The Reader (2008)

The Reader. I really liked this movie. For discussion purposes, I think it’s a close second to Doubt. There’s lots of room for interpretation and supposition, which generally makes for good discussion. Kate Winslet is very good, but I’m not sure she was as good as everyone else said…maybe I missed some subtleties in her performance. I thought the young man did a terrific job. I didn’t know about the relationship between Kate Winselt’s character and the young man, and while it was important to the movie, I still felt a bit yuk about it.

2 Responses to “The Reader (2008)”

  1. Kevin

    I just rented this movie last week & found it really interesting also. It’s one of those movies that I thought would be about one thing, but somewhere in the middle starts to shift towards something else, and in the end really starts to turn again.

    The Holocaust as a field for exploration of themes seems pretty well tilled, but this one seems just a little different than the ones preceding; something about the nature of how as both a society and as individuals we move on from things in our past, & learn from it and becomes instructive for reconciling things in the present. I agree with Penny in that it makes for an interesting discussion movie. I haven’t seen the new one “In the Land of Blood & Honey” (and probably won’t for another 2 yrs. more, like ‘The Reader”, but they seem like companion pairings for discussion.

  2. Reid

    Dang. One of the few times you pop in and it’s for a film I haven’t seen. 🙁

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