The Soloist (2009)

Caught The Solosit last night. The movie, based on a true story, is solidly acted and well-directed. The trailer for the movie makes it look like it is going to be a very moving movie. It is, but it is by no means done in a sentimental way. In some ways, it is kind of difficult to watch. In the end, music is important, but it’s not the main thing. It’s the choice we make to be responsible for others that changes things. It’s letting people in and not letting them go, even if they spit in our face and reject us.

I almost went to see it again this afternoon, just because I wanted to revisit some things. Took a nap instead. Just rewatched the previously mentioned trailer, which tells you everything you need to know. And yet the movie is so much more. Not as feel-good as you hope, but definitely a story that we need.

It’s funny, really. It’s almost a kind of I Love You, Man movie. Without the humor. And with a bit more bite and real world effect. Anyone else see it this weekend?

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