Gomorrah (2008)


Although some of you will find this interesting (read the next part to see whom), I’m not going to recommend this. I can’t say it’s a bad film, but the subject matter is something I’m totally not interested in. I’m pretty sure many of you would give this a higher score, and, in some ways, the film deserves a higher score–but not the 87 metacritic score!–but the score reflects my own preferences and should be seen in that light.

The most interesting part of the film came at the end, when the credits gave real life facts about the situation in this Italian community involving a drug organization called, the Camorra. I felt like just reading a short article giving these details would have been sufficient for me; I didn’t need to learn this story through several narratives–whose stories and characters are nothing new (at least for me) and not really exceptional. However, in my view, stories that are primarily about depicting ghetto life–almost always involving drugs and crime–are so similar that if you’ve seen one, you’ve almost seen them all. If you disagree with this, that is, you don’t tire of seeing this depiction, then you probably will want to see Gomorrah. It reminds me of City of God, Boys n’ the Hood and Martin Scorsese gangster films.

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