The Fall (2006)

Dir. Tarsem Singh

I saw this with Penny and Mitchell, and they seemed to like it. I think Tony, Larrilynn, Jill, Joel, Chris and Kevin would like this. Don might like this for several reasons. Actually, I think most idiots would think this is OK at the very least. When I saw this, I had a hard time hearing some of the dialogue and I was also distracted at times, so if I saw this again, I might give this a higher score. I

This is story set in a US hospital in the 1920s. A suffering man begins a friendship with a young girl by telling her a fairy tale. (Think Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Princess Bride–but not as funny.) The tale is fairly engaging and definitely accessible to mainstream audiences, but the visuals make this film noteworthy. What’s remarkable is that the film supposedly doesn’t use any cgi, many of the shots are on location (several continents).

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