Come Early Morning (2006)

Dir. Joey Lauren Adams
Starring: Ashley Judd

Penny and Grace would find this interesting, and might even really like it. Mitchell, Kevin, Chris and Tony would probably like this a little, too. Still, I’m not confident enough to recommend this. Larri gave this a 4. Objectively, I would give this a six, although I probably liked it a little less just because I felt I’ve seen this story before.

Roeper loved this film, calling it one of his favorites of the year. Ebert added that this was one of Ashley Judd’s best performances. Those comments intrigued me—as I love Ashley Judd–in what otherwise looked like a romance/romantic-comedy that went straight to dvd. That, and the fact that I thought Larri would like this, were the reasons I picked this up.

Judd plays a Southern woman who doesn’t have a problem sleeping with men and leaving them at the crack of dawn. One day she meets a guy—who wants a little more than a one night stand. This is feminist film and character study of this 30-ish woman trying to find her way. Think of Ruby in Paradise, except with an older woman, and you get an idea of what this film is like.

I think the main reason I didn’t like this more was because I’ve seen stories like it before. Yes, Judd had some nice acting moments, and I also liked the way the film avoided typical characters/plot developments, especially the character of Cal and the way his relationship with Judd’s character. He seemed real to me, and I would be curious to hear from Southerners if they agree. In films like this, I would have expected his character to be more sensitive and emotional; someone who actively tries to help Judd’s character deal with her insecurities. Cal is not insensitive, but he’s not a real touchy-feely type either. He’s a guy, normal and fairly decent, but a guy nonetheless.

Besides that I didn’t think the film added much to this story of a woman growing as a person and finding her way in life. The acting is solid, but I don’t think the story is exceptional.

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