Bee Movie (2009)

Mitchell wrote:

Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Patrick Warburton, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick

Seinfeld was involved in an enormous part of this movie, from its conception and story to its casting and production. It’s very well-intentioned, and there are some very funny moments, but over all, the film feels kinda flat. The story’s not very compelling for one thing; so non-compelling that when the resolution is kinda lame you don’t really care because it was a lame story to begin with. The interactions between Zellweger’s and Seinfeld’s characters is quite good, and Patrick Warburton is maybe the best thing in this movie. The animation’s pretty good, but not good enough to keep you fascinated throughout the picture (as it is in Kung Fu Panda). I’d like to see Seinfeld give it another go, to be honest. I think the ingredients are all in place except for a good story.


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