Sin Nombre (2009)

Mitchell wrote:

Compelling, tense film about a Mexican gangster trying to help a Guatemalan family make it across the border to the U.S. Casper has betrayed his gang, who is now in pursuit. The Guatemalan family includes a teenaged girl. I’m trying not to give anything away here because the manner in which events unfold contributes to how compelling the story is. Everyone involved in this film does a good job at creating likable characters you really find yourself caring about.

You know, I have always been aware of the struggle people go through just to get across the border into the United States, but I never thought about how far some people have to come just to reach that part of Mexico. It’s an easy thing to take for granted, but I don’t think I will anymore.

It’s a good, solid film and had me interested throughout. Give it a strong 7/10.

Dir. Cary Fukunaga

I think most other idiots would at least think this is OK. Others like Penny, Grace, Kevin, Chris, John and Tony would probably like it more than that. This got a metacritic score of 77.

Btw, I totally agree with Mitchell’s review–so much so that I’m not writing one. He pretty much said everything I wanted to in a very concise way.

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