28 Weeks Later (2007)

Dir. John Carlos Fresnadillo

This movie sucked, and I don’t recommend this to anyone, including Penny (and John) who probably have the best chance of liking this.

This is the sequel to 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle’s zombie update. This film starts twenty-eight weeks after the 28 Days film. British citizens are returning to London, living exclusively in a secure area. While all individuals with the rage virus—a virus which essentially turns people into zombies—have died, wild dogs and dead bodies are prevalent outside the secure zone. The residents are told this as they return. I mentioned that because two children actually disregard this piece of information and sneak off to their old house. Why? Well, the younger of the two is afraid he might not remember what his mother looks like. His sixteen year old sister doesn’t reassure him that they can get the pictures later. Instead, she leads them out of the secure area, evading the military. Actually, the military actually spot them almost immediately, but don’t actually catch up to them until they are at the house—which seems to be a quite a distance away. If this sounds dumb, it gets worse. I won’t go through all the problems in the film, but let me mention two. First, there is a stupid plot element that involves the father (Robert Carlyle) of this children who gets infected in a preposterous way. For some unexplained reason, Carlyle has the key to every single door in the secure area—including the military base where they hold infected individuals. Anyway, Carlyle’s character “sneaks in” to see one of these individuals, his wife (who miraculously survives a “zombie” attack). I say “sneaks” because there really aren’t any military personnel present along the way. After he gets the disease, he escapes from the facility—killing several soldiers along the way, without any weapons. He later explicably escapes sniper fire and a fire-bombing (the camera shows him hiding around the corner). Near the end of the film, he coincidently finds his children (I guess they wanted to milk Robert Carlyle’s presence for it was worth) for a “dramatic” confrontation. I think few would dispute that this is a dumb movie.

One other thing. For fans of horror and action, films like this can “redeem” themselves by having thrilling action or effective horror scenes. This film has almost none of that—and I think people who normally like action and horror films would agree with me.

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