The Shape of Things (2003)

Dir. Neil LaBute
Starring: Paul Rudd, Rachel Weiscz, Gretchen Mol and Fred Weller.

Grace wanted some of us to see this because she thought it would lead to an interesting discussion, and she was right. I think Kevin, Mitchell, Tony and Chris would find it interesting for the same reason. Joel could also like this. I’m pretty sure the film will hold Don, Marc, Joel or Jill’s attention, although they may not be so satisfied with the film in the end.

The film is based on a play about four college students. A nerd, Adam (Rudd) meets and falls for Evelyn (Weiscz), an assertive art major. Evelyn gets into an argument with Phillip (Weller), Adam’s roommate, and Jenny (Mol), his fiance. Tensions arise from these relationships—and the film explores relationship and power issues as well as issues of art.

I admit that is a vague and pretty lame. I was planning to write more in depth comments about the film in the third section, but I can’t remember enough details to do so.

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